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Most often, genetics determine who will have a large number of pores. Causes for pores are due to oily skin, since excess oil sits around the pores of the skin, making them appear enlarged.

Unclean and oily skins can also cause the oil to settle around the pores and making them appear larger as the skin around them thickens.

Is it true that washing your face under cold water close pores in your face? Yes! When you wash your face, always start with cold temperature. The cool water will close your pores back up, sealing your skin to prevent bacteria from causing probes and camping out.

Ways to cleanse pores on your face

A large part of taking good care of your face is making sure that you have clean pores. Some of the ways are given below:

Take a warm bath

Taking a bath in warm water relaxes your skin and it helps to open your pores. The water does not need to be hot that it is uncomfortable, just warm water is enough for cleansing your pores.

close pores

Eat well and stay hydrated

Keep your pores cleaner by eating fruits, vegetables, and meat and dairy products. These types of nutrient-enriched foods can help the overall look of your face. Drink ten glasses of water daily to stay hydrated.

Protect your skin

Maintain your skin by applying sunscreen lotion that will protect you from UV rays and also it helps to close pores on your face.

The shocking truth about ice cubes closing your pores

If you ever heard that ice cubes can close pores? Ice cubes pay a crucial role in your skincare routine. Ice compacts the surface of your skin and also reduces the swelling from any type of pores you may have.

Icing allows skincare products to penetrate your skin more easily and thus resulting in more effective treatment. You can use ice cubes to recover from pores.

Can cold water shrink pores?

Do you agree with the statement that, cold water shrink pores? No, your pores won’t shrink with cold water, but applying ice cubes for about 15 to 20 seconds can help to clean your pores and also tighten up pores and protect them from oil clogging.

Use of cold water for closing pores

Coldwater is better for your skin and hair. Coldwater keeps pores closed and it also protects your skin from danger. Running your face with cold water will help to choke the shallow vessels in the skin, leaving skin less red and puffy.

Bottom line

Make use of the above tips to get rid of the pores in your face and if you need to stay out of the sun, use sunscreen lotion and avoid other makeup products which will cause pores to your skin.