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You can use a soft handkerchief for it. Use the covered ice cubes to massage your face and your body gently. You can use ice cubes on your forehead, jaw line, nose, chin, cheeks and around the lips.

Putting ice on your face will improve blood circulation and gives a healthy glow.

Ice prevents wrinkles and premature aging and it also reduces pores and minimizes the production of excess oil in your skin. Tie ice cubes in a cloth or a handkerchief and massage it in your face gently every night before going to bed.

Putting ice on your face good or bad? Putting ice cubes in your face is good and it will reduce swelling in your face.

Benefits of skin icing

The skin is one of the most ill-treated parts of your body and it is to be maintained carefully. Skin icing is applying ice cubes in your skin on a swelling area and it will derive the benefits of the cooling agent on your skin. Some of the benefits are given below as follows:

Improve your blood circulation

The low temperature of the ice reduces the blood flow in your capillaries and it lessens the quality of blood under the skin at a point. Improved blood circulation also helps in clear the passages in the blood vessels and it will add color to your skin.

ice on face

Increases glow

The face is being exposed to external factors such as sun, pollution, and wind looking tired in no time. Skin icing rejuvenates your skin and it also increases the glow of your skin.

Rubbing ice on face pros and cons will help in several ways to get rid of swelling. Use rose water acts as a toner, which hydrates to your skin and smoothest your skin apart from controlling oil secretion.

Bottom line

The most important benefits of ice on the face are that it improves blood circulation and it prevents premature aging and wrinkles. You can massage your face gently for about a minute each day before applying a moisturizer.