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Everyone knows the importance of applying oil hair regularly, which promotes hair growth, nourishes hair, prevent dandruff and prevent bacterial and fungal infections.

The important thing is combing hair right after oiling it can cause a lot of unexpected things. Here you come to know which things to make your hair damage.

Avoid Combing after oiling your hair

Don’t comb your hair after applying oil to your hair immediately. After oiling, your hair fragile becomes too soften meanwhile if you comb hair after oiling which leads your hair breakage and loss.

So you should want to comb your hair start from the tip of the hair and then comb it in the top of the hair gently. This will spread the oil to all over the head and hair evenly and which removes tangles and knots.

oiling hair

Avoid washing hair too soon after oiling your hair

If you want to comb your hair after oil your hair, just do it as before said and then don’t wash it off your hair immediately. Just keep it for a while it takes some time to penetrate into the scalp and allow the follicles to soak it.

It will take a maximum of an hour it will nourish your hair and give you that healthy and shiny bounce hair. For the better result keep the oil 5-6 hours in your hair.

Avoid keeping Overnight after oiling your hair

If you leave the oil overnight the hair becomes too greasy and too sticky, it collects dirt and mixes with the scalp’s natural oil. It may lead to hair damage, breakages and hair loss. So here the important thing is you can keep the oil for a while not too long. And another most important thing is don’t lay down after oiling your hair.

Avoid applying oil excessively

When applying oil to your hair just check the quantity of oil which should be equal to your hair density. Avoid applying excess oil to hair if it so it can cause hair fall and dull damaged hair than before.

Avoid tying your hair Up

After oiling your hair don’t tie your hair up it builds pressure and breaks hair strands. It can cause hair fall and rise to split ends.

Avoid using other products after Oiling

After applying oil to your hair don’t apply another product within that. The styling product contains chemicals it may ruin your hair texture which gives rough and dryness to your hair.